Japanese architecture has a history as rich and ancient as the country itself
Traditional structures would have Chinese aesthetic roots while modern Japanese buildings following Western ideas were adapted to suit the Japanese landscape and needs. From ancient temples to modern constructions, Japan is home to beautiful architecture. Japan has given the world some of its most talented architects, with buildings by Tadao Ando and Kengo Kuma found across the globe. Visitors to Japan can see firsthand how Japan has left its mark on the world of modern architecture.

Religion and spiritual architecture
Japan’s native religion is Shinto, while Buddhism was introduced in the 6th century. Both belief systems have their own aesthetics. Shinto shrines and Buddhist Temples can be found all over Japan, and the differences can be confusing to first-time visitors.

Shinto shrines are recognizable by their inherent calmness. The temples imitate the natural environment with wood and use little color or decoration or embellishment. Buddhist temples are more decorated and often use a lot of vermilion paint.